Residents of Tuscaloosa, Ala., survey the damage caused by a strong tornado that ripped through the university town. (By Caroline Summers / Associated Press)

In Tuscaloosa, at least 15 people have died and parts of midtown were leveled. The tornado did not significantly damage the university campus, although many students living off-campus were affected.

Several students recounted their experiences to the student newspaper, the Crimson White. Two students, who live in a condo complex about a mile and a half from campus, said they were watching the news and tracking the storm.

“[T]hen the door started to shake, the glass in the windows broke and it felt like our ears were going to explode because of the pressure change. We sprinted into the bathroom, and when we emerged, we couldn’t believe what we saw,” student Julia Israel told the Crimson White. “Where we just were, it was gone.”

Early this morning, most of the university and parts of town were without power or cellphone service, according to the campus paper. Students took turns using the rec center’s landline to call parents and friends.

The Crimson White was unable to publish a newspaper today, but you can read its coverage online and follow it on Twitter @TheCrimsonWhite. Meanwhile, the student government is letting students know of volunteer opportunities and resources through its Twitter account, @uasga.

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