The board, which has gained new members since it last met, is meeting in Charlottesville this week. Its agenda includes hearing reports from board committees and electing a vice rector (board-talk for second-in-command) to replace the former vice rector, Mark Kington, who resigned in June amid the crisis.

In early June, the board’s top leaders asked President Teresa Sullivan to step down without discussing the issue publicly or holding a vote. On June 26, after a wave of protests led mostly by angry faculty and alumni, Sullivan was reinstated as president in a meeting that was streamed online and viewed by thousands.

During the board’s retreat in August, two local activists set up cameras and live-streamed the event themselves, in addition to hiring a court reporter to take notes. Following that retreat, the university announced that it would begin its own live broadcasting, starting with meetings scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

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Rector Helen Dragas opened the meeting Thursday afternoon by reflecting on the excitement of a new school year, as the U-Va. grounds are once again filled with students searching for their classes. Dragas had a long summer. After leading a failed ouster of the president, she was called upon to resign or be removed from the board. Soon after, the governor reappointed her to another four-year term.

“I would say that students, also, in their learning endeavors remind us that we need to learn and that we need to experiment and that sometimes we need a map to do that,” Dragas said.

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