The University of Virginia draped the columns of its iconic Rotunda in black for a "Day of Dialogue” in September 2010 following the death of Yeardley Love. (Andrew Shurtleff/Associated Press)

“As the trial proceeds, details emanating from the courtroom may create or compound emotional distress for students or others with whom you live, socialize or have classes,” Chief Student Affairs Officer Patricia M. Lampkin wrote in an e-mail to students on Wednesday. “If you sense that someone in your circle — a friend, classmate, hallmate, apartment-mate — needs attention or help, then we encourage you to call upon the resources available here at the University. It is important not to ignore those around us who may be experiencing difficulty.”

Huguely, 24, is charged with the first-degree murder of Love. If found guilty, he could face a life sentence. Huguely is also charged with felony murder, robbery of a residence, burglary, entering a house with intent to commit a felony and grand larceny. One of Huguely’s attorneys said in 2010 that Love’s death was “an accident with a tragic outcome” but not an intentional criminal act.

Jury selection is set to start Monday and continue Tuesday. (For more about the case, read “Murder trial of George Huguely in death of Yeardley Love set to start Monday.”)

As the university and town of Charlottesville prepared for the scheduled trial and the arrival of dozens of reporters, students resumed discussing the case — and, in some cases, the sensitive issue of dating violence.

“This event, as much as it was a tragedy, gives people an opportunity to have a discussion about something that they would never want to talk about,” said Dan Morrison, U-Va. student council president. “I think there’s now a greater sense of responsibility to one another.”

Defense attorneys Rhonda Quagliana (left) and Francis McQ. Lawrence (right) talk with reporters after the arraignment of George Huguely V in 2010. Lawrence called the death "an accident." (Andrew Shurtleff/Associated Press)

Coughlin explained the different types of charges that have been brought against Huguely and told the students the trial will likely focus on his state of mind at the time of Love’s death, according to The Cavalier Daily student newspaper.

U-Va. President Teresa A. Sullivan e-mailed faculty and staff on Wednesday to encourage them to support one another and their students during the next few weeks. Sullivan, who was named president a few months after Love’s death, ended her message by saying:

Lacrosse players from Notre Dame Preparatory School in Baltimore wore orange ribbons during a game in 2010 in honor of Yeardley Love, a graduate of Notre Dame Prep. (Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press)

UPDATE: This post was updated on Friday to clarify that the trial is scheduled to start on Monday and that jury selection is expected to take at least a day or two.

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