The more than 5,500-word article included a frank interview with governing board leader, Helen E. Dragas, who has up to this point declined lengthy interviews with the press and limited her comments to statements that she typically demands be used in full or not at all.

Something that jumped out to me is that Dragas strongly criticized her predecessor, John O. “Dubby” Wynne of Virginia Beach. Here’s that section:

Sullivan’s supporters established a ”war room” on campus, where they organized a counterattack, focusing on influential alumni and wavering board members. The key mobilizer was Wynne, the rector who hired Sullivan. Though he no longer held any office, he still had deep connections within the university and in Virginia politics and media. “I was unaware that when he gave me the key to the Rotunda, he kept a figurative duplicate for himself,” says Dragas, who says she saw herself as the target of a group led by Wynne that was resistant to her attempts to address the university’s long-term challenges. “It mutated into a real struggle over who controlled the university.” (Wynne declined to comment.)

You can read the full magazine piece by Andew Rice here: How Not to Fire a College President.

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