This semester the chancellor of the University of California, Riverside, went undercover to find out. For a week, Chancellor Timothy P. White was “Pete.”

He buzzed his hair, wore a mustache, popped in some false teeth, added an earring — and then filled in as an assistant chemistry professor track coach, library worker and tour guide.

His ad­ven­ture was recorded by CBS crews for the season finale of the reality tv show "Undercover Boss,” which airs next Sunday.

White told the student newspaper, The Highlander, that it was an honor to observe campus life from the front lines and the experience strengthened his respect for the public research university in Southern California, which he has led for the past three years. (White also told the student paper that he’s ditching the earring.)

“I was moved and changed as a person and as a leader by the level of dedication of our students, staff and faculty,” White said in a statement.

We will have to wait until Sunday to learn everything else that White learned. Until then, here’s the pre-view for the show.