Back in November, news that the University of Maryland had joined the Big Ten athletic conference prompted this question from several plugged-in Terps fans and U-Md. supporters: Who made this decision, and why weren’t more people involved?

In particular, at least one member of the University System of Maryland Board of Regents — the school’s ultimate governing authority — has publicly said that the board should have been more involved with the decision earlier in the process. U-Md. President Wallace Loh has said that was not possible because, chiefly, he signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Big Ten Conference.

Back in November, I asked for a copy of that agreement through a Maryland Public Information Act request. Last week, a university attorney e-mailed me the document, which is dated Oct. 2 and signed by Loh and Big Ten Commissioner James E. Delany.

Amid all of the legal jargon, there is one sentence that I believe spells out whose eyes were allowed to see the Big Ten’s confidential information: “shareholders, members’ directors, trustees, officers, employees, agents, affiliates, financing sources, attorneys, accountants and other advisors or representatives.”

For those still interested in this matter, you can read the full document after the jump:

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