On Friday afternoon, the fake president tweeted about undergoing surgery and then sent out a link to a column in the student newspaper that is headlined, “I am Fake Wallace Loh: And so can you!

The real University of Maryland President Wallace Loh. (Christopher Anderson)

“Never would I have thought social networking could be so much fun,” Nasif wrote. “I tried my best to stay on top of every major event at the university, from athletic cuts to bar cLohsures, $7.2 million mansions to phantom tornadoes.”

Nasif is set to graduate this month, and he wrote that he is now looking for someone to take over the feed.

Back in April, I wrote about the hot trend of college students forming fake Twitter accounts to mock their campus leaders. But here’s the even hotter trend: It’s now a thing for these students to out themselves before/after graduation in some sort of grand fashion.

I had the honor of outing @FakeStevenKnapp at George Washington University, which was run by GWU alum Hunter Patterson. Meanwhile, up at the University of New Hampshire, the student behind @PrezHuddleston has promised to reveal himself or herself if at least half of the Class of 2012 donates to the senior gift fund. (As far as I can tell, that still has not happened.)

At U-Md., Nasif shouldn’t be a big surprise to plugged-in undergrads, as he’s a columnist for the student newspaper, the Diamondback, and founded a satirical publication called the Thirsty Turtle Times. Around Halloween, the Thirsty Turtle ran a satirical article about Loh picking a “costume he thought was scarier than any other — an underage student drinking Natural Light beer.”

I was told by a university spokesman in March that the president doesn’t actively follow the feed but that staff members flag especially funny or insightful tweets for him to read. On Sunday, the real @PresidentLoh tweeted about the outing of his impersonator:

@wpjenna Thank you @GregNasif for being a great @FakeWallaceLoh and congrats on graduation!#AcceptLohSubstitutes

— Wallace D. Loh (@presidentloh) May 13, 2012

Oh, and for those who are curious, Nasif wrote that he does not run the parody account of U-Md. Athletic Director Kevin Anderson: “By the way, no, I don’t know who is behind the @FakeKvinAndrson feed, and I wouldn’t tell you if I did.”

UPDATE: This blog post was updated on Monday to include a tweet from the real Loh.

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