At the end of the driveway, she got out to check the mail — and told him that it had arrived. Gruber bolted out of the car, ripped open a large envelope and dug through the folder inside.

”I was trying to find that one sentence...” said Gruber, 17, who runs cross-country and wants to be a history teacher. “Then I went crazy.”

The Richmond-Spider-to-be jumped up and down, shouting, “Yes, yes!” and “booyah, booyah!” Little did he know that his dad was inside the house videotaping the whole thing (and you can watch the video after the jump):

December kicks off the emotional season of college acceptance, deferral, waitlist and rejection letters. Keep in mind over the next few weeks and months that even if you don’t get into your top-pick school, chances are there are several other schools out there that will make you want to jump around yelling, “booyah!”

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