Where and when did the University System of Maryland regents vote on a proposal for the state’s flagship school to move to the Big 10 athletic conference?

On Monday morning starting at 9 a.m., I and several other reporters staked out the site of a regents education committee meeting at the student center at the University of Baltimore. We weren’t there by accident. We had been led to believe by senior officials that the campus would be the location for a regents meeting to discuss the high-stakes athletic move.

The Web site of the Board of Regents, which is a public body subject to Maryland open-meeting laws, had no other posted information about any other Monday meeting.

But it turned out that the regents met elsewhere. We reporters still don’t know where and when.

Shortly after 11 a.m., regent Patricia Florestano arrived in Baltimore for the committee meeting and told reporters that she had just driven from “a full board meeting” where the regents decided to endorse a move from the Atlantic Coast Conference to the Big 10. We learned from her that the decision was not unanimous. But we were unable to learn much more from her before the committee meeting started.

The Post has telephone calls and e-mails out seeking more information from U-Md. and USM officials. Stay tuned.