Hours before the Earl Gregg Swem Library opened on Sunday afternoon, students lined up outside with backpacks filled with notes, sleeping bags, snacks and anything else they might need for the next few days.

The student-run Virginia Informer described the scene like this: “[T]he library is often packed to capacity during finals season and is the site of make-shift tents, cots, coffee-makers, and desperate students.”

On Twitter, some students are calling it #OccupySwem and documenting their adventures of living in the library:

Managed a room in swem! Got my pillow, PJs and blanket. Let me know if anyone wants to have a slumber party #OccupyswemMon Dec 05 01:25:50 via webDouglas Tibbett

People are crawling under the table.... stress is palpable. #OccupySwemMon Dec 05 02:24:23 via webMaite M

Yup, we’re brushing our teeth in swem. #occupyswem http://t.co/pAw5M2m0Mon Dec 05 09:23:42 via InstagramTaylor Renard

There was a bit of a stampede when the library opened on Sunday at 1 p.m. and students rushed inside. The Virginia Informer called it a “Black Friday-meets-Walking Dead-Adderall-driven frenzy,” while Gawker deemed the tradition “way too intense and crazy to be healthy.”

One student even recorded the rush and posted it onto YouTube with the title “Swem Zombie Invasion”:

A William and Mary spokesman said the library received no reports of students being injured in their mad rush to start studying.

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