Ten local entrepreneurs are vying for a cash prize in the StartRight business plan competition, an annual contest organized by Rockville Economic Development. The business ideas this year range from selling goods crafted in Kenya to monitoring milk’s drinkability with color-changing cartons. So which plan has the most promise? Watch the videos below and cast your vote. The winners will be announced later this month.

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1) Unique Optique, founded by Maria Higgins, provides eye care services and artfully designed glasses.

2) Autonomy Engine, founded by Debra Bond Cancro, offers a software that helps people monitor their tone of voice.

3) Tuko Pamoja, headed by director Lloydie Zaiser, sells crafts and other goods produced by women in Kenya.

4) SameGrain, founded by Anne Balduzzi, is a social network that connects people with similar interests or lifestyles.

5) Unbound Concepts, founded by Katie Palencsar, provides a software to analyze the reading level of books and other educational materials.

6) Lifelong Technologies, founded by Angelita Crawford, licensed the Step Activity Monitor to track the physical activity of patients with walkers, canes or crutches.

7) Camp Easy, founded by Brooke Salkoff, gives parents an online portal to find and register for summer camps.

8) The ColorCarton Group, founded by Raishay Lin, created a milk container that changes color as its contents begin to spoil.

9) Sensory Shield, founded by Lisa Daly, is developing a lightweight, portable device that allows people with Autism to create personal space and block sensory stimulation in crowded environments.

10) ICOW, founded by Haiwen Ding, provides an online environment for students in the United States and China to connect and facilitate study abroad trips.