Rockville Economic Development Inc. hosts its StartRight Business Plan Competition each year, selecting several woman-owned businesses from around the region to vie for cash prizes. Here’s your chance to weigh in. Watch video pitches from each of the finalists and vote for the venture with the most promise. The winner of the Capital Business poll will receive a special acknowledgment on Aug. 29 at the organization’s annual Power Conference.

Update: Voting for this poll closed as of 5:00 p.m. EDT on August 26th.

Ruth Bielobocky is the founder of Artis Scarvz.


Amy Byers is from Reader Rap.

Debra Cancro’s company is Autonomy Engine.

Cheryl Kollin is CEO of Full Plate Ventures.

Dana McFadden is with Jai’s Dreams.

Mona McKenzie is the founder and CEO of Capital City Sweets & Treats.

Allyson Shaffier is the founder and CEO of Runway Wheels.

Madhvi Upender is founder and CEO of Naveenum LLC.

Arti Varanasi is with Advancing Synergy.