ExxonMobil announced Tuesday that it would build a new Houston-area facility and relocate 8,000 employees there, prompting fears locally that the company could close or shrink its presence in Fairfax, where it employs about 2,600 people at the intersection of the Beltway and Route 50.

The company is to build a campus on a 385-acre wooded site it owns north of Houston. Employees are to begin moving there in 2014, with full occupancy of the new campus coming a year later.

But company spokesman Alan Jeffers said this morning that,“the Fairfax complex was not affected by yesterday’s announcement.”

ExxonMobil has been studying its real estate holdings, including the Fairfax campus, which was owned by Mobil when it was acquired by Exxon in 1999. Analysts have said they would not be surprised to see the company close or relocate those employees, who focus on the company’s production and distribution businesses.

Following the study, however, Jeffers said, the situation at the company’s Virginia campus was “status quo.” “The moves were really just focused on a large number of our Houston employees,” he said.

Jeffers said the company would continue to consider additional consolidations or relocations, but did not expect the company to make any decisions about Fairfax in the near future.