Norman Jemal, Douglas Development

What number ICSC is this for you?


Give me a trend people are talking about.

The trend that people are talking about is the projects they are doing. Optimism is the trend.

What are you here pitching in Vegas?

A big that that we have working is the corner of 7th and H Streets, the old CVS site. It’s a very hot topic on our agenda. And then in-filling some spaces along F Street to compliment Anthropologie and Forever 21 and so on.

Normal Jemal, Douglas Development. (Jonathan O’Connell/Capital Business)

It really varies greatly geography. If you go downtown, I would say landlords, due to the fact that there has been very little built over the last few years and that’s created opportunities.

What’s the next hottest submarket in Washington?

There’s actually a lot of hot submarkets in Washington. Certainly the Penn Quarter is a hot submarket, 14th Street is a hot submarket. You’ve got H Street NE, which is a hot submarket. Being in Penn Quarter, I’ll say it’s nice to be sandwiched in between all that good stuff.

Name a store you would like to see open up where you live.

I’d like to see an Apple [store] near my house, given that I live a block away from my development at 7th and H.

Do you have an iPad with you? What do you use it for?

Everything. I never used any Apple products until recently, I got an iPhone, I got an iPad.

Which will survive longer — Blockbuster or Borders?

I would say Borders, for a couple of reasons. They have better leases, so they have some added value in the leases as opposed to Blockbuster. And you know, renting a video is not a social thing. Going book shopping and sitting around is a social thing, so I don’t see that going away. There’s a social dynamic.

Target or Wal-Mart?


LivingSocial or Groupon?


Do you spend more online or at brick and mortar?

Brick and mortar

What are you doing out here for fun?

Closing deals is fun for me. But I’ll tell you socializing with people you don’t get to socialize with from around the country, and sometimes from other countries, it’s a great opportunity.

How much have you won/lost gambling?

Zero. I gamble every day.

Where did you buy that shirt?

I couldn’t tell you.