Staffing company Kavaliro is set to announce Wednesday that it is acquiring a 58-employee business from Fairfax-based Salient Federal Solutions, giving the Orlando-based company its first office in the D.C. area.

The unit produces about $10 million in revenue providing Fannie Mae with support employees, according to Kavaliro. Under the acquisition, Kavaliro will acquire all contractual resources and staff affiliated with the Fannie Mae program.

Mark Moore, president of Kavaliro, declined to say how much Kavaliro paid.

Moore said Kavaliro hopes to leverage the Salient acquisition to win more staffing work in the D.C. area. Some contractors have sought to move away from staffing, arguing that the contracts aren’t very profitable.

“I personally think that staffing ... is going to continue to be on the increase,” Moore said. “Companies are going to be hesitant to continue to hire on full-time staff ... They’re going to be looking for help with specific projects and the ability to on-board and off-board based on those projects.”

Brad Antle, Salient’s chief executive, said the company picked up the Fannie Mae business with its acquisition of ATS Corp. in early 2012.

The program is “just not the kind of work we do,” Antle said, noting that Salient is focused on technology and engineering services. “We don’t want to staff for other people.”