Strathmore’s new venues is slated to sit atop the iPic cinema, pictured in this rendering of the Pike & Rose development. (Courtesy of Federal Realty Investment Trust)

The founder of the Strathmore music hall announced plans Sunday to open a new performance venue in White Flint as part of a real estate development dubbed Pike & Rose.

The new venue will have 250 seats, small compared to the Music Center at Strathmore, in North Bethesda, which has 1,976 seats.

But it will have an 1,100-square-foot pre-concert venue, an outdoor balcony and will provide the Strathmore Hall Foundation, which operates the Strathmore, with an opportunity to expand and meet new audiences.

The foundation plans to schedule Thursday, Friday and Saturday concerts of “intimate jazz, rock, folk and contemporary performances, as well as a variety of well established, trend-setting touring acts,” per a press release Strathmore issued over the weekend with real estate developer Federal Realty Investment Trust. It will also rent the space for additional events.

Strathmore founder and chief executive Eliot Pfanstiehl said in the release that with the original venue at capacity and celebrating 10 years in business, it was “time to reach out to ages and tastes beyond our current programming and facilities.”

A rendering of the Pike & Rose development set to first open in 2014.

The venue will be part of a 24-acre, $250 million mixed-use development Federal Realty is building on the site of the Mid-Pike Plaza shopping center. The first project’s first apartments, offices and shops will open in 2014, including a luxury movie theater by iPic Entertainment.

“In this groundbreaking partnership with Federal Realty, we are both a familiar anchor to their new Pike & Rose neighborhood and a champion of the lifestyle they offer to their future residents and businesses,” he said.

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