A protester takes a nap during an Occupy D.C. demonstration. More than 100 people took part in a flash mob protest against Wal-Mart. (Jewel Samad/Getty Images)

Some of the participants were from Respect D.C., a local group that is opposing Wal-Mart’s plan to open stores in the District. Others were from the Occupy D.C. movement. Protestors chose Union Station because they said Rob Walton, son of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton and chairman of the chain’s board of directors, was there for a meeting. Wal-Mart spokesman Steven Restivo said he believed Walton was in the building for an executive leaders conference when the Oct. 20 action took place.

Restivo issued a statement in response to the protest saying “the latest stunt to block jobs, economic development and low prices seems particularly misguided given the fact that Walmart is focused on serving ‘the 99 percent.’ We’re helping to lower the cost of living for millions of Americans by providing more convenient access to affordable groceries and we create and support jobs that offer competitive pay, good benefits and the chance to build a career.”

Here’s a two-minute video of the protest posted on YouTube by Respect D.C.