Last November, owners of White Flint Mall held a meeting with members of the community and in the Dave & Busters restaurant to explain the basics of their plans for the mall, which is 35 years old.

In short, White Flint’s owners explained that they “de-mall” it, or turn it into an outdoor town center project. There was little beyond that, but now we know more.

A look at plans for White Flint mall’s redevelopment. (Courtesy of the Montgomery County Planning Department)

What it might look like in the proposed “town center.” (Courtesy of the Montgomery County Planning Department)

A view of the central piazza from White Flint Boulevard. (Courtesy of the Montgomery County Planning Department)

Much of the project would be built on what are currently the mall’s expansive surface parking lots. Almost all of the parking in the new project would eventually be either underground or in parking garages.

In all, the developers propose replacing the 850,000-square-foot mall with 2.1 million square feet of new development — practically a small town’s worth.

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