Daniel Rippeteau, principal of Rippeteau Architects, proposes using the Hoover site for a new monument paying tribute to the nation’s love of oil. “Drill the seat of power,” he said. (Daniel Rippeteau/Rippeteau Architects)

Now it’s your turn: Reimagine the Washington skyline or a notable D.C. building. Make a drawing (see below) and submit it to us by emailing it to tellus@washingtonpost.com, tweet it to us at @CapitalBiz, or post it on our Facebook page. We’ll feature some of the best entries.

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How to create a digital drawing:

Robert M. Sponseller, principal at Shalom Baranes Associates, dreams up a recipe for the Hoover site that would serve the city better by providing a central market area surrounded by retail, housing and a hotel. (Robert M. Sponseller/Shalom Baranes Associates)

2.Android users: Try out Scribbler, SketchBook, Sketch n Draw apps. Share with us directly from the app via email or Twitter.

3.iPhone users: Try Draw, My Brush, or Inspire. Share with us directly from the app via email or Twitter.

4.Desktop users: Windows users will likely know the old fashioned standby MS Paint. It might seem crude but it gets the job done. Save your drawings like you would any file and submit. Mac users can try PaintBrush or search the Mac store for other options. Advanced users may use Photoshop or equivalent, if they wish.

5. Pen and paper users: Take a photograph of your sketch, or scan it and send it to us.