Considerable cloud cover could not keep temperatures from rising into the upper 70s today thanks to warm, southerly flow. Winds become out of the west tomorrow. All that does is increase sunshine, allowing temperatures to best today’s levels - cresting over 80 degrees in many spots.

Through Tonight: Skies are partly to mostly cloudy tonight. With the insulating effect of these clouds along with flow from the south, it’s quite mild, with lows from the 50-55 in the cooler suburbs to the low 60s downtown.

Wednesday: Partly to mostly cloudy skies in the morning gradually turn mostly sunny. Highs range from 78-83, some 15-20 degrees above normal. These temperatures are near record territory. Existing records are:

BWI...82 IN 2001.
DCA...84 IN 2001.
IAD...84 IN 2001.

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Pollen: All counts are LOW.