After some spotty morning showers, we dried out this afternoon but clouds hung around. The cloud cover capped temperatures around 50. We get a warmer push Saturday, and maybe a touch of sunshine, but by Sunday a cool, damp scenario sets up.

Through Tonight: There may be some pockets of fog as well as some spotty sprinkles, but mostly it’s just cloudy. Lows are in the mid-40s.

Saturday: The better of the two weekend days. We’ll have considerable cloud cover but opportunities for partial sunshine. Highs range from the upper 50s to mid-60s - with the lower end of the range favored if sun doesn’t materialize.

Saturday night and Sunday: A weak front sinks south...but the change in wind direction (out of the damp, chilly northeast direction) cools us down into the 40s Saturday night (mid-40s for lows) and that’s where we likely remain Sunday (upper 40s for highs). The front may also provide focus for some intermittent light rain during the day Sunday (40-50 percent chance).

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