Today’s news from Connecticut cast a dark shadow on a brilliant, sunny day. Highs were several degrees above normal into the low 50s. We may have a few more clouds Saturday, but it’s dry and warmer than average for another day. On Sunday, it stays mild but showers are possible, especially into the afternoon.

Through Tonight: It’s mostly clear and quite chilly. Keep an eye to the sky, you may see some remnants from the Geminid meteor shower. Lows range from the mid-to-upper 20s in the colder suburbs to the mid-30s downtown. Winds are calm.

Saturday: Skies mostly sunny early, but some high clouds may increase in the afternoon. Highs are mild, reaching the low 50s. There’s a light wind from the southeast at 5-10 mph.

Saturday night and Sunday: Clouds steadily increase overnight, so it’s milder than previous nights. Any rain should hold off until the daylight hours Sunday with lows ranging from 36-42 (suburbs-city). During the day Sunday, it’s cloudy with a 50-60 percent chance of showers - with the best odds during the afternoon. Highs are once again in the low 50s.

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