Today was D.C.’s coldest since February 12 last year and first day with highs only in the 30s this winter. We have cold 20s tonight but should bounce back to 40 or so Friday. These temperatures are ever so slightly below average.

Through Tonight: Skies become mostly clear allowing the atmosphere to vent and temperatures to drop. Lows range from near 20 in the colder suburbs to the upper 20s downtown. Winds are from the west at 5-10 mph.

Friday: Mostly sunny and cool. It won’t be quite as a cool as today, but with winds from the west at 10-15 mph, it will feel similar if not a bit colder. Highs range from 37-42.

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Frigid morning in New England: While locally, lows ranged from the low 20s to near 30, there was some bone-chilling cold to our north. Parts of Vermont and upstate New York dropped from -10 to -20 , colder than anything experienced all of last winter. Boston even dropped to 7, just one degree warmer than its low in 2012. AccuWeather has more details.