With 3.5 inches of snow combined in the last two winters, Washington, D.C. will have its least snowy two-year period on record if no more accumulating snow falls through April.

And it won’t even be close. The current recordholder for least snowy back-to-back winters is 1996-97 and 1997-98 when a combined 6.8 inches fell.

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Of course, our record long period without a snowstorm of at least two inches is now at 749 days, and counting.

The very large graphic below sums up the last two winters rather well: it’s the set of snow accumulation maps we have issued.

Snowfall forecasts issued by Capital Weather Gang for specific dates during the last two winters

It’s possible I missed one or two event and we did not always choose to create maps for some of the events in which just a dusting or so was forecast. But what’s amazing is not only have we not received two inches of snow in D.C., we’ve not even been able to forecast that much!

Repeating: D.C.=Dusting Central.