Gloomy clouds, a brief bout of mixed precipitation and then rain held temperatures in the 40s today, despite winds from the south. Now a cold front is pressing through the region, which will dry us out but turn it even chillier for the day Wednesday with a strong blast of wind.

Through Tonight: A few showers exit the region before 7 p.m., then we gradually clear out, and it’s brisk. Lows range from 25-30, with winds from the west around 10 mph, increasing towards morning to around 15 mph.

Wednesday: Remember Sunday’s biting chill? It’s going to be a similar kind of day. We’ll have deceiving sunshine because temperatures won’t rise out of the mid-to-upper 30s. Driving winds - gusting up to 30 mph (sustained at 10-20 mph) will make it feel closer to 20.

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Rainbows: The showers and setting sun combined to produce some stunning rainbows north and west of the District just after sunset this evening. Check out this full-on rainbow from Columbia, by Ian Kennedy (@iankennedy7 on Twitter)

( Ian Kennedy )