If you were near any of the fast-moving thunderstorms Friday afternoon you may have noticed the rapidly changing sky conditions. Multiple thunderstorms raced through portions of our area, accompanied by briefly heavy rain and fleeting rainbows. Visibility was particularly good and the storm’s cloud structure and rainbows could be easily viewed when the storms departed eastward. Later in the day, as sunset neared, the storm clouds turned shades of red and yellow with the day’s fading light.

Ten minutes of video are compressed into 30 seconds showing a departing thunderstorm which created a rainbow. Note how quickly the sky clears after a colorful display of storm clouds.

Where I live in Central Fairfax County, we had two extremely fast-moving storms move through between 6 and 8 pm. I took still photos of both storms and I video recorded the second storm. I started the video camera at the height of the second storm’s downpour and ran video until the last clouds disappeared behind the trees and horizon. The video captured a rainbow forming and fading, but what I found particularly interesting is that it shows a sky that went fromovercast with heavy rain to clear in only 10 minutes. That is about as fast as I’ve seen the weather move in our area.

Read below to see a few still images of the two storms in Fairfax.

The first storm moves through Fairfax County Friday at 6:54 pm.

The sky begins to quickly clear at 6:59 pm.

The the second storm moves through Fairfax County at 8:16 pm.

A rainbow begins to form at 8:22 pm.

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