An hour and 20 minutes of video were compressed into 24 seconds. The sunrise occurred May 26, 2012. (Kevin Ambrose)

In the spirit of Memorial Day, I filmed a sunrise at the Marine Corps Memorial this past weekend. It was one of the more interesting sunrises I’ve seen from a weather perspective. Ground fog and low-level clouds moved rapidly to the north while mid-to-high-level clouds moved to the south. Meanwhile, the sun battled to shine through fleeting breaks in the overcast.

What made the sunrise shoot even more interesting was the Warrior Brotherhood Veterans Motorcycle Club who posed for a group photo at the Memorial while I was filming. They were participating in Rolling Thunder.

In time-lapse, the motorcycle club moves very quickly, in real-time they took about five-to-ten minutes to take their photos. It was quite fitting to include in a Memorial Day weekend video shoot.

See below for a longer version of the same sunrise.

A longer version of the same sunrise that was displayed above. The sunrise occurred May 26, 2012. (Kevin Ambrose)