Several computer models simulate a coastal storm and the potential for snow Sunday, but several others (not shown) do not. (Source of imagery: US Navy,, UQAM Montreal Weather Center; AccuWeather via Tony Pann on Facebook)

First of all, there may be a little patchy light snow tomorrow morning, mainly north and west of town. It doesn’t look like it may be much if anything, but someone could get a coating before temperatures bounce back into the 40s in the afternoon.

Of more significance, perhaps, are the prospects for a coastal storm this weekend, in the Sunday timeframe. Several international models have simulated such an event, but U.S. and Canadian models have not (mostly).

The usual uncertainties are all present about how strong a storm will form, the track the storm will take, and whether the air will be cold enough for snow. But the situations bears watching.

Wes Junker will break these issues down in more detail tomorrow, if models still simulate a threat. They may or may not. In the world of weather models, 6 days is an eternity and a lot can and will change.

But for now, let us know what you think. So far Reagan National has received just 1.9” of snow all winter, much below the average. Will we get any more this winter?