Lightning behind the Washington Monument on September 1. This was CWG fan Kevin Wolf’s first lightning shoot. See more images on Facebook. (Kevin Wolf via Facebook)

Clearly, last weekend - the start of September - was electrifying at a whole new level.

I thought it would be impressive to feature a compilation of the top images all in one place. Some of these you’ve seen before. But I’m throwing in a couple new ones (top and bottom images) we received via Facebook.

Lightning strikes to the south of the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, September 1, 2012. See image larger. (Ian Livingston)

A view of the thunderstorm showing lightning coming out of the top of the storm clouds and entering back into the storm near its base and striking the ground within the rain shaft. A higher resolution image can be viewed here. It was a rare opportunity to observe lightning from above the source. (Kevin Ambrose) (Kevin Ambrose)

Lightning bolts over Washington, D.C., Saturday night, September 1, 2012 (see full size) (Brian MK Allen)

Lightning bolt captured just outside the Mt. Vernon Square and Convention Center metro station Saturday evening , September 1 (Craig Hudson)

Lightning on Tilghman Island, Md., September 1 (Dan Caro via Facebook)