Moderate to severe drought continues over the coastal mid-Atlantic and Northeast even after the Nor’easter Sunday through Tuesday. Table shows percent of region under range of drought classifications as of Wednesday April 17 and 24. (U.S. Drought Monitor)

The figure above tells the story. The percent of the Northeast region under at least moderate drought dropped from 27.68 to 25.96 percent between April 17 and 24. The area under the severe drought classification fell a little more from 7.35 to 4.07 percent.

The immediate Washington, D.C. metro area is not in drought, but classified as “abnormally dry.” This includes northern Virginia (not shown).

The message here is that we still need rain. The annual rainfall deficit is 4.17” in Washington, D.C.

Here are the annual rainfall deficits for some other cities in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast through Wednesday:

Salisbury: 5.24”
Baltimore: 4.17”
Philadelphia: 4.76”
New York City: 5.85”
Hartford: 3.91”
Providence, RI: 6.19”
Boston: 6.13”
Portland: 2.29”