Waterspout in Carolina Beach posted to Twitter by Steven Harrell. who indicated his brother took the photo. Here’s a video (by a different photographer) capturing a similar picture.

UPDATED at 3:30 p.m. with VIDEO.

A waterspout formed off the coast of Carolina Beach in southern North Carolina this morning. Both over water and as it came ashore as a tornado, residents and beachgoers captured some amazing photos, including the dramatic shot above.

WWAY-TV out of Wilmington said it had not received reports of significant damage or injuries (see its Facebook page for more photos). However, Tony Burnett-Millage, who took two of pictures shown below, said via Twitter the waterspout (turned tornado land) ripped up some walkways along the beach and tossed trashcans around.

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A ton of videos were taken of the waterspout/tornado. Here’s just one of many posted to YouTube:

Photo of waterspout washing ashore, spinning up sand on Carolina Beach. Posted to Twitter by @TheLittleTrader.

Sand being stirred up by the waterspout. Posted to Twitter by Tony Burnett-Millage (@tmoney1184 on Twitter)

One more view of the waterspout. By Tony Burnett-Millage (tmoney1184 on Twitter)