From 2002-2009, December 5 was certainly dealt the hot hand for snow lovers. Five out of those 8 years recorded at least a trace of snow in the D.C. area (4 of 8 measurable snow).

In a detailed analysis, Kevin Ambrose and Ian Livingston wrote exactly one year ago:

It is quite unusual for Washington to see measurable snow in early December, but it is very amazing that the city received snowstorms on December 5 with such frequency.

But in 2010 no fell on that date (it was cold, with a high 41 and low of 32). Can we turn it around in 2011?

No dice this year either, I’m afraid. The forecast is for a high of 60 degrees with partly to mostly cloudy skies and the slightest chance of a shower.

So the December 5 hot streak may be ending, which makes sense statistically speaking. Prior to 2002, measurable snow had fallen on December 5 just 7 times in 130 years. To have 4 measurable snowfalls over a course of 8 years was quite the accomplishment.

But we’ve now started a two year streak with nada. Maybe it’s time to start a snowy streak on a new date. How about December 25? Maybe we got something going with last year’s trace on that date.....