The sun rises through the Capitol dome February 10, 2013 ( Phil Yabut via Flickr )

Is it fitting that - near the date of the President's State of the Union address - photographer Phil Yabut captured the sun rising through the columns of the Capitol transforming it into a golden dome?

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In honor of this evening’s convening of the President and Congress (8:45 p.m. ET) , I present some other beautiful views of the Capitol photographed in fog, snow, stormy skies, moonlight and sunshine throughout this winter season

Thanks to the contributing photographers who submitted all of the images to our Flickr and/or Twitter feeds....

A cloudy, wintry morning February 3, 2013. ( Christopher Skillman on Flickr )

Capitol fog, January 12, 2013. ( Ryan Bowley on Flickr )

Light snow falls on the Capitol, January 24, 2013. ( Phil Yabut )

Sunrise, February 12, 2013. ( Phil Yabut on Twitter )

A warm, stormy afternoon on January 30, 2013. ( U.S. Capitol on Flickr )

Sunset, December 30, 2012. ( John J. Young via Flickr )

Moonrise, January 29, 2013. ( Pablo Benavente via Flickr )