When the soccer World Cup comes to Qatar in June 2022, heat ranks high as a concern for the comfort and safety of both players and spectators. The small middle eastern nation’s high temperature averages 105-110 around the time the Cup is scheduled to be played. But Qatar has promised to mitigate the heat. Al-Jazeera reported last year Qatar would build 12 solar-powered air-conditioned outdoor stadiums if awarded the Cup.

Now officially a Cup host, CNN reports scientists at Qatar University are developing another way to beat the heat: remote-controlled robotic clouds that would float above desert stadiums, block the blazing sun, and cool temperatures by up to 10 degrees. The production cost of each cloud is $500,000 according to the BBC.

Watch the video below, from CNN, to see how this works:

The concept of a giant sunscreen overhead to modify the weather or the climate is not new. To offset global warming, some climate researchers have proposed placing mirrors in space to reduce sunlight.

And the Yahoo soccer blog “Dirty Tackle” suggests The Simpsons, not Qatar, should get credit for the cloud shield idea, noting:

In the legendary two-part 1995 episode entitled “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” nefarious power plant owner C. Montgomery Burns devises a plan to create a giant shield that will block the sun and keep Springfield in perpetual darkness.