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Today: Crisp morning, mild afternoon. Partly sunny. 79-84. | Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low-to-mid 60s. | Tomorrow: Increasing clouds, p.m. showers or storms possible. 81-88. | Sunday: Partly cloudy to mostly clear, breezy. Near 70 to mid-70s. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail



Today (Friday): A day for all types. Fall lovers may enjoy the crisp morning, while summer-lovin’ folks may prefer the afternoon. Temperatures climb pretty quickly, thanks to southerly breezes, up toward the 80 degree mark, if not mid-80s in a few spots. Enjoy that sunny to partly sunny sky (with some midday sunscreen please) and near to above average temperatures! Confidence: High

Tonight: Find a patio, and eat that dinner outside! It remains a pleasant evening for all plans, in fact. Low temperatures slowly head down toward a near 60 to mid-60s range, under partly cloudy skies. Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Fall begins on a day for the warm-weather-lovers. They’re fading, so get out and enjoy the 80s! Low 80s probable in the northern suburbs with a few upper 80s possible, particularly well south of town. A few clouds may start rolling into our area, slowly, in the afternoon. Noticeable breezes from the south may increase the dew point a bit, but it should still fall shy of muggy-feeling humidity. As the next front approaches, a risk for gusty showers and storms may as well late in the day (40% chance). Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: Shower and storm threats may persist into the evening depending on the timing of the front, but the actual period of rain should be fairly short, so we might be dry by now. Low temperatures cool back into the 50s most spots as drier and cooler air filters in on a northwest breeze. Confidence: Medium

Sunday: It’s feeling like fall for sure. Strong afternoon breezes are possible, as that cooler air keeps spilling in. The sun will help you avoid that slight “wind chill” as temperatures hit a wall once they reach the low-to-mid 70s. Can’t rule out some increase in clouds during the day with cold air aloft, perhaps even a spotty shower. Confidence: Low-Medium


Sunday night: After sunset, under mostly clear skies, temperatures really fall. Could we see the season’s first sub-50 reading at National Airport? Well, I am skeptical. Let’s call for pre-dawn low temperatures hitting the low 40s in typically cooler spots (*glances at Winchester*) and perhaps, still, low-or-mid 50s is as cold as we get downtown. Confidence: Low-Medium

Monday is a fine taste of autumn. Morning could have that chill to it, but we still enjoy sunshine warming us into the lower 70s (maybe mid-70s if we are lucky and breezes die down?) in the afternoon. Confidence: Medium

Tuesday should be nearly a carbon copy of Monday’s of sunny skies and low-to-mid 70s, just a bit less breeze. No excuse not to get outdoors and get in that jog! Confidence: Low-Medium