Today: Overcast. Showers? 47-52. | Tonight: Cloudy. Isolated shower? Near 40 to upper 40s. | Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy, warmer. Near 60 to mid-60s. | Sunday: Clouds persist. Showers possible. Mid-50s. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


Today (Friday): Very cloudy, sorry to say. To add to the gray, a weak front could stall near us and touch off precipitation. Light rain, even freezing sprinkles/showers in the coldest Blue Ridge valleys, could happen during the morning hours (15-25% chance) with a continuing, but lessened (10-20%) chance of showers through early afternoon. Nothing too heavy from the looks of it. Geographically speaking, folks to the northwest of D.C. have greatest odds of precipitation, while folks southeast of D.C. have smallest odds. High temperatures stay chilly, but around average, in the upper 40s to low 50s. Noticeable breezes don’t feel great, blowing from the south at 5-15 mph. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: Luckily for us, ignorance of tonight’s earliest sunset of the year… is bliss. Thanks, cloudcover. But it gets dark in a hurry, along with the a very low risk of an isolated shower or two. Low temperatures are fairly unremarkable, ranging from near 40 to the upper 40s. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Saturday):Yet more clouds, with only a few breaks maybe later in the afternoon. Temperatures are the highlight, despite not having much sunshine. Enjoy a range from the upper 50s to, perhaps, mid-60s if we really see that sun peek through. It’s looking largely dry, though with the front still close by we may still end up with a shower. We’ll keep an eye on radar just in case. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: Low temperatures may only dip as far as the mid-to-upper 40s. Why? Lots of cloudcover keeping us insulated and preventing heat from escaping higher into the atmosphere. Southerly breezes around 5-10 mph may chill you just a bit, so try to wear layers or a light coat. Confidence: Medium-High

Sunday: Clouds maintain their annoying presence. To keep it more interesting, though, we have a 20-30% chance of a shower. So grab that small umbrella if headed out for a while. Showers shouldn’t be too heavy though, as it appears now. Only “lucky” thing to report is that it isn’t more of a COLD, showery, gray day. Mild high temperatures make the mid-50s, maybe upper 50s. Confidence: Medium


Sunday night may stay very cloudy, thus keeping us fairly mild, in the mid-to-upper 40s. Some showers are possible, too—about a 20-30% chance. Confidence: Low-Medium

Monday could be very cloudy—STILL—and have a decent (50-60%) chance of showers by the afternoon. Sunshine in the morning to midday hours, which is possible, could help catapult us toward the upper 60s, but clouds may keep us cooler, or in the mid-60s. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tuesday should clear out (finally?!) thanks to a cold front, and we may see more sunshine than clouds. But it may also show us some nippier air. High temperatures only get into the mid-to-upper 40s and there could be some gusty breezes to contend with. Some sunnier spots, south of town, may still manage to hit the 50 degree mark? Confidence: Low