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It’s a blustery but an otherwise acceptable end to our week, and it gives way to slowly tapering breezes and rising temperatures this weekend. Southerly flow, as tends to happen ahead of cold fronts like the one approaching Sunday night into Monday, could promote temperatures into the 60s without much trouble. Showers may decide to come around after, but we could use the rain, right?

Today (Friday): Hold on to your hats. Northwest winds gust above 25 mph at times, perhaps even a couple gusts near 35 mph. Sunshine levels may vary, and it is uncertain how many midday clouds pop up, but with winds so strong, you may not enjoy much solace from any peeks or periods of sunshine. High temperatures still manage to get into the upper 40s, to low 50s, helping to mitigate some of the wind chill. Arguably at least. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Skies should grow more and more clear as the night goes on. Temperatures downtown slowly fall toward the mid-30s, while some cold spots may see mid-20s in the higher elevations. Northerly winds around 15 mph could gust a bit higher before midnight, but gusts slowly settle as winds after midnight still manage to chill us, around 10 mph. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Noticeable but tolerable breezes finally start tapering and shifting slightly, toward a warmer direction. Sunshine should have far fewer clouds to contend with as well, bolstering high temperatures into a range from the mid-50s to low 60s. Temperatures may vary though, with the cooler air mass trying to hang on. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tomorrow night: Low temperatures tonight should have a wide gradient (spread) when looking at the region. Well away from the Beltway may see temperatures as cold as the upper 20s; however, along the Potomac at National Airport and downtown, temperatures could hover as high as the lower 40s at sunrise. Why the spread in temperatures? Fairly clear skies and calmer winds should allow surface heat to escape more readily, except in the ever-warm Urban Heat Island. Change those clocks! Confidence: Medium-High

Sunday: May be similar to Saturday, but perhaps even a degree or two warmer. Seems like a more solid case for a warm day at least, so I have higher confidence that sunshine and light southerly breezes can raise temperatures into the upper 50s to mid-60s. Oh and be aware with “spring forward” today that solar noon is as late as can be now, relative to our clocks anyway (1:18 p.m.). Put on some sunscreen if out in direct sunlight for over a half-hour, too! Confidence: Medium-High


Sunday night looks to be a mild one, with just about everyone staying in the 40s region-wide. Skies may cloud up just a bit, further preventing temperatures from cooling too much. Confidence: Medium

Monday could be gray with clouds assuming a cold front stays on track to approach the region in the midday to afternoon hours. Because of the southerly flow ahead of said cold front, high temperatures rise regardless of sunshine levels – 60s possible for the entire region. A peek of sunshine could shoot someone up nearer 70, perhaps? Chance of a shower grows by nightfall with a 50% risk through the night. Confidence: Medium

Tuesday questions just how much punch the cold front packed – as temperatures could hover in the upper 50s to low 60s. Showers may stick around (40-50% chance) through the day if we can’t clear this front out away from the region fully! Confidence: Low