9:25 a.m. update: Very light snow or flurries is hunkered in over mainly western parts of the area. This is somewhat unexpected activity, but may cause up to another dusting or a little more in the steadiest of activity. The snow puts a general wrinkle in our forecast for today. Clouds should be more numerous (mostly cloudy, at least at times) than noted, and temperatures may struggle to get near and past freezing thanks to the extra clouds. Snow activity should dwindle in the coming period, but might linger for a while in spots.


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Sun makes a comeback, temps up a bit, and at least a touch of snow cover makes the cold more enjoyable. Get the Digit on Twitter | Discuss on Facebook

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Despite a snowy week that provided D.C. with 0.8” officially (though I measured a whopping 1.25” in the “hills”!), we begin to move into our thaw on the same day we hit the two year anniversary since the last significant snowstorm. This waning cold spell is already the lengthiest sub-freezing period since Feb 2007, and if we manage another day at or below freezing today, it becomes the longest streak since Jan 2004. I’m sure a few of you are ready for a breather.

Today (Saturday): We should be breaking free from the thickest clouds by sunrise if not prior, though it’s a decent bet some float by during the day, probably less numerous as time goes. Highs reach the upper 20s to mid-30s (mainly south of D.C.) — still cold. There’s a north/northwest breeze which may be sustained around 10-15 mph, and a bit of a wind chill, but nothing we can’t handle at this point. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: With mostly clear skies, light winds and snow cover (at least in spots), we should see prime conditions for radiational cooling. Many places are well into the teens, with a an overall range of about 12 in the coldest suburbs to 20ish downtown. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Sunday): Plenty of sun graces the sky. Winds shift around to the southwest and south, but they’re pretty light. That means any warmth transport should be rather slow. So, let’s look for highs above freezing many spots, but still ranging from around freezing well north and west to the mid-or-upper 30s elsewhere. Clouds may increase before sunset as the next weather maker approaches. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: After an evening of increasing clouds, mostly cloudy skies are the general rule. A south wind also helps keep temperatures from getting too low, but they didn’t start all that high. Lows make the mid-20s to near 30. Concern may lie in precipitation advancing from the west after midnight and toward morning. Pre-dawn, precipitation odds go up to around 30-40%, and that could mean sleet or freezing rain (snow seems less likely as the atmosphere above is already warming). Right now, it appears whatever falls would be very light. Confidence: Low-Medium


We open Monday with that 30-40% chance of light rain or freezing rain showers. Temperatures should warm up quickly enough that the threat for frozen precipitation dwindles quickly. Again, right now anything looks very light. Despite lots of clouds and maybe a shower throughout the day, south winds keep pumping in warmer air, meaning we should rise toward 40 and perhaps as high as the mid-40s. Confidence: Medium

After the first night with lows above freezing in some time, Tuesday is set to bring us some springlike conditions. It’s another day with at least partly if not mostly cloudy skies, though I’ll hope for the sunny intervals myself! Can’t totally rule out a quick shower either. Temperatures... they’ll feel pretty nice as they head to the mid-50s and near 60. A day to leave home a layer or three. Confidence: Medium