* Heat advisory today | Excessive Heat Watch Saturday *

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Today: Hazy, unpleasant. Afternoon storm? 97-102. | Tonight: Evening t-shower possible, otherwise mostly clear. 70s. | Tomorrow: Oppressive. Slightly higher storm chance. 95-100. | Sunday: Still sweaty. Late day storms possible. 95-100. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


Temperatures: Latest D.C. area temperature map. See interactive map on our Weather Wall.

Today (Friday): Sunshine in a hazy, somewhat milky-appearing sky may mix with a few scattered clouds periodically, but they can’t mitigate the upper 90s to low 100s. There will be times where the humidity really makes it feel oppressive (around 107F) and other times just plain hot, as some vertical mixing occurs in the atmosphere during the afternoon—it could temporarily lower dewpoints to “only” modified tropical levels. Any showers may stay isolated during the early morning and then storms could fire during afternoon hours along the I-81 corridor with the Metro Area holding a slightly lower, 15% chance of p.m. thundershowers. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Those I-81 corridor thunderstorms could head toward D.C. in the evening (25-35% chance). If any storms form, they’ll tend to want to disappear as we head toward midnight. Pre-sunrise low temperatures end up in the lower 70s in rain-cooled spots and upper 70s in the stagnant dry spots, especially inside the beltway. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Have a walk-in refrigerator you can move into? Mid-90s to near 100 are possible again, as our heat wave continues. Unlike Friday, when the humidity was good for nothing, we should get some clouds and even a greater number of afternoon or evening storms (30% chance) out of this moist air mass. Let’s hope the upper-level instability can punch enough energy through warm temperatures up above as well as at the surface and bring a little cooling rain. Please? Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: Evening showers and storms could (40% chance) continue for a little while after dinner, as temperature readings ever-so-slowly fall toward dawntime minima in the 70s. 80 is possible downtown and at the toasty National Airport, I’d say. Confidence: Medium

Sunday: This one looks very much like Saturday. 3-Hs: hazy, hot, humid, with high temperatures easily getting into the mid-90s to near 100. Increased thundershower chances (40%) are the only difference from the previous day. If heading down to the National Mall for the Folklife Festival, please take it easy and perhaps bring an umbrella. Confidence: Medium


Sunday night: After some evening storms remain possible, overnight low temperatures should end up in the 70s areawide. Even downtown should touch below 80 degrees, if briefly. Sky conditions remain somewhat murky and partly cloudy/hazy, because of all the (humid) water vapor in the air. Confidence: Medium

Monday is a continuance of our broken record. This is nearly our hottest time of year, climatologically, so these repeating 95-100 degree days really don’t get pushed out of here quickly. We could be graced by thunderstorms again with a 30-40% chance your area gets a quick, cooling dousing. More clouds and storms than I currently expect could keep temperatures “cooler” in the low-to-mid 90s, and take 100 degrees off the table. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tuesday should be fairly sunny again, but do we have a quick-hitting cool front come through and and spread showers? It really is hard to see into next week whether this ridge breaks down a little. Right now I’m thinking mid-90s, but hoping for lower.. Fingers crossed? Confidence: Low