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Today: T’showers possible, especially late afternoon. Highs 80-84. | Tonight: Evening showers likely. Lows 60-64. | Tomorrow: Cloudy, showers likely. Highs 72-76. | | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


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Today (Thursday): There is a chance for some patchy early morning fog and even a shower mainly north of town. The sun is still likely to put in an appearance at least through midday. A few showers should start to sneak in from the west with the best activity likely just in time for rush hour. The rumble of a little thunder is possible. Rain chances are 60%. Unless rains are early, highs should be in the lower 80s. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: Showers and a few thundershowers are still a good bet into the evening (50% chance) and some lucky gardeners could end up with up to an inch of rain. Showers should be isolated after midnight with lows mainly in the lower 60s. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Friday): This is a ‘have an umbrella handy at all times’ kind of day. The showers are not likely to be nearly as potent as those the night before but there is still a 60% chance that everybody gets dripped on at some point. Between a persistent cloud cover and the showers, highs should do no bettter than low-to-mid 70s. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: Showers should start to favor south of town as the evening progresses but there is still a 60% chance of getting wet. Evening temperatures are comfy upper 60s. Plenty of clouds can be counted on with light breezes. Lows slip to the upper 50s to lower 60s. Confidence: Medium


Saturday is when my forecast starts climbing out on a limb. Let’s hope there are no rabid beavers around! It is quite possible that clouds break up and a fair amount of sun comes into play. If I am right we get highs in the mid-70s but if it is still cloudy with showers (30% chance, the showers that is) then highs may only be upper 60s. In any event, clouds are likely to perk back up by late day. Hopefully there will be enough breaks to view the Harvest Moon rise in the evening with readings in the 60s. Overnight lows should range through the 50s. Confidence: Low-Medium

There is likely to be clouds rotating down from the Great Lakes around a big upper level low by midday Sunday. This system could be strong enough to set off some late afternoon showers (40% chance). Rain amounts should be light but effective at keeping most of the area in the upper 60s with just a few low 70s. Showers should linger into the evening (50% chance) with clearing late night and lows in the 50s. Confidence: Low-Medium

Pre-dawn risers Monday should check out Venus in the eastern sky which is on a collision course with the bright star Regulus for the next few mornings. This is because skies should be clear and we get back to our weather perfection with highs in the lower 70s and dry air for a change. Confidence: Medium