* Winter weather advisory for the immediate metro area through 6 a.m. and far N/W suburbs through 10 a.m.*


Today: Morning showers taper by afternoon. 38-44. | Tonight: Slight chance of an evening shower, mostly cloudy. 30-37. | Tomorrow: Partly to mostly sunny, breezy. Near 50 to low 50s. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail

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Glancing blow from a developing coastal storm keeps us chilly and damp. At least it’s the weekend! Get the Digit on Twitter| Discuss on Facebook

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SPI: 3 (↓) - Some flakes possible on front end of Tues storm. Active pattern, but also battling warming averages. Get the SPI on Twitter | Discuss on Facebook


We’ve got at least a moderately unfriendly Saturday ahead weatherwise, but the good news is it won’t be a heavy rain washout. Plus, sunshine returns in abundance tomorrow and lasts into Monday. Since the pattern remains active, our break won’t last too long. If you’re like me and yearning for spring: in D.C., this is our last day with an average low of freezing or less (you’ve still got almost 3 weeks near Dulles).

Today (Saturday): Take it easy if out early as some iciness is possible throughout the area. The day may dawn cloudy with some drizzle around, but an area of showers or light rain wants to push in from the south around and after sunrise. If you’re west of the city, you might not see much from this system, as we’re likely to get skirted by the developing coastal storm. Even in D.C. and east, rain totals should be light, as the main body of precip wants to depart midday or in the afternoon, and the worst weather stays closer to the coast.

With more moisture in the air coming off the Atlantic, we should ‘warm’ up a bit compared to yesterday, as highs head for near 40 to the low 40s. Maybe a chance of a nice sunset should some breaks form (especially west)? Confidence: Medium

Tonight: If for some reason the storm is still around by sunset, any showers around end pretty quick thereafter. We may see clearing initially, but a little more energy swings by, helping keep us mostly cloudy through the night. Also, trapped low level moisture could fuel some more fog and drizzle. It’s a cool one but not cold really. Lows range from near freezing to the mid-and-upper 30s. Winds are light. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Sunday): Clouds and some drizzle from overnight may still be clearing early in the day, but overall it’s partly to mostly sunny as the hours progress. Highs rise up near 50 across much of the area, perhaps into the low 50s in spots. Pretty pleasant? Well, winds from the northwest around 10-20 mph, along with higher gusts, are the main downside. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: Skies remain mostly clear as we spend some time in between systems. With those clear skies and a fresher air mass, temps fall back to the upper 20s and low 30s prior to sunrise. Winds are light from the northwest. Confidence: Medium-High


Monday should keep the nice weather regime going one more day. We’re looking at mostly sunny skies, and probably lighter winds than we’ve seen recently. Might be a good one to get out at lunch and take in a little of that increasingly strong sunlight. High temperatures are again near 50. We transition cloudier as Monday night wears on, with the coldest readings of the night mainly in the 30-35 range. Confidence: Medium-High

We might be waking up to a wintry mix or showers advancing into the area on Tuesday as the next storm system to the west sends moisture our way. The air mass out ahead of this one is not quite as cold, so the trend should be quicker toward all rain compared to yesterday, with western areas favored overall for the morning mix. Again near 50, dependent on cloud cover and rain. Probably mid-40s to 50 with enough of those issues and maybe into the 50s if less. Confidence: Low-Medium