Today: Mostly sunny. 50-56. | Tonight: Mostly clear early. Low clouds and fog may develop late. 30s. | Tomorrow: Morning clouds possible before increasing sun. 49-56. | Sunday: Partly sunny. Mid-50s to near 60. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


Today (Friday): Mainly sunny skies and light winds should turn it into a nice day for this time of year, pretty quickly. Temperatures end up right around “normal,” with highs in the low-to-mid 50s. Grab some midday sunshine on a long lunch break, if you can. Solar noon is aligned right around noontime on our watches! Confidence: High

Tonight: After a mostly clear start, low clouds want to come in, and fog may develop. We can thank the east-northeasterly winds off of the ocean. While it isn’t guaranteed to keep us completely socked-in, any easterly component to the breeze should prop-up low temperatures a bit—upper 30s probable downtown and along/east of the I-95 corridor. While further west, toward I-81 where this easterly fetch may not reach as effectively, temperatures may still dip down to near 30. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Saturday): We may have some morning patches of fog, along with low clouds, yet mostly sunny conditions should prevail by midday. Should. Sometimes these clouds are hard to remove. High temperatures could vary depending on the time it takes for morning fog to burn off, and if any clouds move in during the afternoon. Clouds may keep us around 50, but sunshine prevailing could push us toward the mid-50s. Winds are light from the northeast, switching to southeast. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tomorrow night: Slowly increasing clouds overnight may hamper any views of the planets and stars you may have hoped to have seen. Low temperatures depend on your exact level of cloud cover, so our region may vary widely from mid-30s to perhaps as high as 45 degrees downtown. Confidence: Low-Medium

Sunday: Time to start our light southerly flow which includes noticeably warm air. But it takes the atmosphere some time to warm up after this wind shift, so we should only expect highs ranging from the mid-50s to near 60. That’s still warmer than usual for early December. Some clouds in the afternoon could hinder us from getting to the 60 degree mark. Confidence: Low-Medium


Sunday night could cloud up a bit. There is even a small (15-25%) chance of a shower, but probably not until later at night. Low temperatures in the 40s, region-wide, should qualify as “relatively warm” territory. Confidence: Medium

Monday looks fantastic and pretty darn warm—even if clouds mix with sunshine. High temperatures head well into the 60s, let’s say mid-60s for now. Possibly 70 south of town? We’ll see! Depends on how strong of a southerly flow is established, and how much sunshine we can get. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tuesday should start of fairly mild (not much of a “cold start” to the day) and stay mostly sunny. High temperatures shoot for the mid-60s, and potentially higher out ahead of the next cold front which should move through early Wednesday. Confidence: Low