Today: Comfortable. More sun than clouds. 80-86. | Tonight: Mix of clouds and stars. 54-64. | Tomorrow: Increasing clouds, breezy. Afternoon shower? 75-81. | Sunday: Cloudy, showers. Brr! 50s. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail



Today (Friday): Still warm — just without that sweaty feeling. Mostly sunny skies give late-season sun tanners a chance during midday hours, when sun is at its highest. Temperatures should top out, later in the afternoon, in the 80-86 range with a light breeze varying out of, generally, a westerly direction. Confidence: High

Tonight: Find that dinner spot outside, before we officially declare patio season over! Low temperatures slowly descend toward a pre-dawn nadir in the mid-50s outside the beltway to 60-64 downtown. Skies could clear off a bit in some spots, allowing more surface heat to escape into the atmosphere overnight. Cloudier locales may end up warmer than some of their neighbors, because of the insulation “blanket” effect, where clouds prevent heat escape from the surface. Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): We may see some sunshine in the morning, but clouds should increase. We have a front charging in from the west, and it’ll eventually cool us down with its Canadian air right behind. Let’s try to eke out one more mild day first? High temperatures struggle to reach the upper 70s, assuming clouds thicken before the afternoon. But more sunshine than currently expected could boost us into the lower 80s. Light instability ahead of the cold front could touch of a few showers (30% chance) but nothing big looming, around which you might need to plan your apple picking, maze craze, or pumpkin patchin’. Perhaps earlier in the day is better though, before the wind picks up. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: As the cold front plows through, any remnant showers end, but breezes from the northwest could be pretty strong in the hours after its passage. Temperatures head downward, toward the upper 40s to low 50s... but just wait till all the cool air finishes funneling in over the next 24 hours! By sunrise, the risk of showers should increase as a disturbances nears the area. Confidence: Medium

Sunday: Our invigorating chill arrives! But a little upper-level system is right on the heels of the front, and it brings a 60% chance of additional showers, particularly in the first half of the day. Temperatures don’t move much, since our sun is blocked very effectively, along with this cool dome of air now upon us. We might only make it into the mid-to-upper 50s. Feels like late April, right? Confidence: Low-Medium


Sunday night: A few showers (30-40% chance) may pester our evening but skies should slowly reveal some stars later in the evening. Mid-30s (yes!) are possible for those of you in the suburbs who bought that firewood already, and mid-40s look more likely for the urbanites downtown. Think you might turn on your furnace? Confidence: Low-Medium

Columbus Day (Monday) looks inviting from inside, when looking out the window at sunny skies, but we are still fully realizing our cold air mass’s potential. High temperatures may stay around 60 for many of us; though mid-60s aren’t out of the question, south of town. Grab that extra layer buried somewhere in the rear of the closet, and peel off later if needed. Confidence: Medium

Tuesday should be even more comfortable with continued sunshine and an easing chill. High temperatures get at least into the mid-60s, if not toward the 70 degree mark. But I could be too bullish/optimistic in hoping for 70. Confidence: Low