Today: Showers possible, but generally clearing. 73-79. | Tonight: Slightly breezy, noticeably cool. 43-51. | Tomorrow: Mostly sunny. 65-70. | Sunday: Mostly sunny. 64-69. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


Today (Friday): Our cold front has become somewhat stationary so expect lingering showers possible (30-40% chance before 1 p.m.), with “greatest wetness” probably along (and east of) I-95. Peeks of sunshine should appear as the afternoon wears on, as the cold front begrudgingly moves eastward. Moist-feeling air is initially slow to scurry away as winds remain out of the south and southwest for much of the day. Even a few thundershowers (20% chance) are possible until around sunset, if our sunshine destabilizes our atmosphere overhead sufficiently. Keep that umbrella on you for much of the day! Temperatures should still be able to climb into the mid-to-upper 70s. South of town, in the sunniest spots, 80 degrees is reachable. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: If you didn’t notice it before sunset, drier air filtering in should be noticeable as the night wears on and skies trend even clearer. CWG’s David Streit reminded us yesterday that “a crescent moon in the western sky” is something we could see, along with a few stars before sunrise. Note, if out camping or around town tonight, that temperatures may drop quickly as cooler air finally filters in behind this slow-moving front. Somewhat breeze-chilled 40s are probable outside the Beltway, with downtown only ending up around 50. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Finally, some substantial sunshine and less in the way of wind! Well, slightly less wind. It should feel pretty nice out there overall (hence the stamp) though you might still feel that breeze a bit. High temperatures feel wonderfully comfortable and fall-like, in the mid-to-upper 60s. Confidence: High

Tomorrow night: Mostly clear conditions, with still the slightest of breeze (out of the northwest), keep us familiar with our autumn jackets. Have they found a comfortable hook to hang on, near the door yet? By just before sunrise, low temperatures manage to make it to about 40 in the coolest spots, and near 50 downtown. Confidence: High


Sunday: Just gorgeous. We can’t seem to fully get calm conditions, but that is what our transition seasons bring us! So, yes, some breezes out of the northwest may continue, especially as the sun fully percolates the atmosphere during midday hours. A good day to soak up some UV rays and delay seasonal affective disorder onset, I’d say! High temperatures should be similar to Saturday, if a bit lower, but still mainly mid-60s. Warmest spots south of town. Confidence: High


Sunday night: Dry air remains intact for one more evening, so you may get just a bit more static shock from time to time. Skies should remain mostly clear, allowing temperatures to cool down to the upper 30s for some in locations like the Blue Ridge, to upper 40s downtown. Confidence: Medium-High

Monday manages to be gorgeous (Nice Day sunshine to be issued?), so call in sick if you can! High temperatures combine with very comfortable dew points to make low-to-mid 70s feel amazing. Confidence: Medium

Tuesday may eke out another mainly sunny day, but there is a slight chance (10-20%) of an afternoon shower. I lean toward dry conditions and warm temperatures in the mid-70s. 80 degrees is mayyyybe within reach if we stay mainly sunny, shower-free, and hop in a car down to known-warm-spot, Fredericksburg. Confidence: Low-Medium