Flood Watch for much of D.C. area except west suburbs (map) | Hurricane Sandy: How to prepare for the storm


Today: Mostly cloudy. Shower? Mid-60s to near 70. | Tonight: Mostly cloudy, a few showers possible. Near 50 to mid-50s. | Tomorrow: Cloudy with increasing odds of rain. Breezy. Upper 50s to low 60s. | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


Today (Saturday): We should have another day of lots of clouds ahead, but if we’re lucky we’ll peek out into some sun at times. Though any breaks in potential low clouds or patchy morning fog will also face additional cloudiness arriving up higher, with the advance of Sandy. Other than that, we’re mostly just wedged in between Sandy and the energizing system arriving from the west as highs reaching the mid-60s to near 70. I can’t totally rule out a shower, but there doesn’t appear to be much reason for one to form during the day. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: As early as this evening a few showers associated with the outer circulation of Sandy might approach, but they should stay to our south and east, and anything would be light. By the time we get past midnight a general 30% chance of rain enters the picture, favoring places east of the bay, but perhaps including our area. Lows are mainly between 50 and 55, though a few places might dip into the 40s. It’s a little breezy, but nothing of note. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Sunday): Sandy is still well to the south, but rain showers may break out ahead of the system. This activity could remain near the bay and to the east, though it’s close enough we can’t dismiss it moving closer or overhead. Even if we don’t take the brunt of this front-running precipitation, there is an increasing risk (lower early, higher afternoon/evening) of rain during the day amounting to about a 60% chance by nightfall. Highs make it to the upper 50s and lower 60s. Winds are around 10-20 mph from the north. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow night: Off and on showers or periods of rain are a good bet as are increasingly noticeable winds. Looks like we should be into sustained wind around 15-25 mph with gusts as high as 30 or 35 mph. And it’s just the start. Lows dip to the upper 40s and low 50s. Confidence: Low-Medium


Monday is looking pretty ugly for most of the area, the main question might come down to timing. Periods of rain mix with strengthening winds, eventually sustained as high as tropical storm force (39+ mph) in addition to considerably higher gusts. For now, the second half of the day and into the night seems favored for the worst of it, but it’s unlikely any of Monday will be enjoyable outside. Highs in the 50s are a good bet, the most likely range perhaps low-and-mid 50s. A risk for widespread power outages from tree failure will grow as the soil becomes more saturated and winds increase. Other wind damage is also likely. Confidence: Low-Medium

On Tuesday, it’s hard to believe we’re dealing with a once-tropical system as it’s cold, windy, raw and still fairly wet. Periods of rain remain likely, and as the low slowly spins itself out, we still continue with winds sustained 20-30 mph and gusts past 40 mph. Highs might only reach the low-to-mid 40. There’s even a chance that some of the snow falling up in elevations to the west makes a wet (non accumulating) visit to someone close by at the tail of the system! Confidence: Low