Today: More clouds than sun. Breezy. 43-49. | Tonight: Mostly to partly cloudy, less breezy. 23-33. | Tomorrow: Partly to mostly cloudy, brisk. 42-47. | Sunday: More sun, less breeze. Low-to-mid 40s. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail

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As an impressive outbreak of cold air heads toward the Gulf of Mexico, D.C. is set to experience (merely) brisk 40s this weekend. Even colder air aloft means morning sunshine should bubble-up increasing midday and afternoon clouds (a stray shower, too?). Overnight temperatures, combined with fairly persistent breezes, could still be biting at times as well. Oh yeah, welcome to meteorological spring! It may feel like winter for a bit longer, so bundle up!

Today (Friday): Some potential morning sunshine gets covered with more clouds by the afternoon, but any peeks of that March sunshine should feel nice and mild if you manage to find a breeze-free sunbeam. Despite northwesterly (10-15 mph) breezes pumping in cooler air, highs should still reach the mid-to-upper 40s. Cloud levels during the afternoon could determine if your locale sees only 43 degrees or perhaps even 50 degrees (south of town) in sunnier spots. Also, not worth planning around, but there is an outside chance of a few rain or snow showers in the afternoon (10% chance). Maybe check radar before heading out? Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Substantial cloud cover could prevent some stars from shining through, though breaks should be more numerous with loss of daytime “heating.” Breezes do slacken a bit, but still bundle up because low temperatures near dawn should dip into the mid-20s in the colder suburbs to around freezing downtown. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): This one could mimic Friday in many ways, as clouds percolating by afternoon could greatly shroud the sun. Even the March rays, when they manage to find you, won’t be able to completely negate continued moderate breezes (10-15 mph) and chilly high temperatures. It might be a touch cooler, with highs mainly in the mid-40s (42-47 or so). I should stay prudent with a 5-10% chance of a stray snow or rain shower, as well. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: Chances for clouds appear more likely than not. Breezes may actually continue to blow moderately all night, requiring a scarf and gloves at times. Low temperatures range from the mid-20s outside the beltway, to the low 30s downtown. There may not be quite as wide a temperature spread if breezes keep up the entirety of the night. Confidence: Medium

Sunday: We may finally see a mostly sunny day, along with slightly less of a breeze. But it could still be cold (relatively speaking) with high temperatures in the 40s. North and west of town could struggle to get to the low 40s, while south of town where it may be a tad more sunny, could attempt the upper 40s. This air mass may not sting like some of our previous winter temperatures around here, but it is spreading far-and-wide, even hitting Florida where they may dip below freezing as well. Confidence: Medium-High


Sunday night looks to be a cold one, worth a few layers of clothing if heading out late. Low 20s probable in the valleys around the Blue Ridge, with upper 20s to 30 degrees possible in the urban heat island inside the beltway. Confidence: Medium

Monday could still see us languishing in this wintry air mass, with high temperatures in the low-to-mid 40s. At least what is different about these high temperatures -- more normal for January and February -- is decently warm sunshine! Confidence: Medium

Tuesday may actually be a decent day with moderate sunshine levels, and temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50. Alternatively, it could be cloudier if the midweek storm system approaches quicker and in a path near enough to impact our weather. Any precipitation (rain or snow) other than a light shower should hold off at least Tuesday night though, and it’s still pretty uncertain if we even get anything at all. Confidence: Low