I’m rarely surprised by the weather. I remember a few times as a kid waking up to snow on the ground and being completely surprised. But, in recent years, I pretty much know when it’s going to rain, snow, thunderstorm, etc. It’s easy to be clued-in on the weather by reading the Capital Weather Gang blog, watching radar loops, or even observing the sky conditions. Monday, however, was one of those rare, surprise weather moments.

At 4:30 p.m., I was driving west on the Dulles Toll Road under a bright, sunny sky. Suddenly, big drops of water began hitting my windshield. I looked around in all directions and I didn’t see any dark or threatening clouds. Then, I noticed what appeared to be haze, bathed in sunlight, directly ahead of me.

Within seconds, I drove into a heavy rain shower. The rain lasted only about a minute or two while the sun continued to shine brightly the entire time.

I took a quick video of the rain with sun then I pulled off the road in Reston to photograph the rainbow which quickly formed to the east. The video and several of my rainbow photos are included in the YouTube video above. Also, check out the beautiful rainbow photos that were submitted to the Capital Weather Gang by our readers.