Drought severity levels this week (as of May 15) compared to last week (as of May 8) (U.S. Drought Monitor)

Despite the short term relief, central Maryland and northern Virginia are on the brink of drought. They are designated by the U.S. Drought Monitor as “abnormally dry”.

Washington, D.C.’s three airports have rainfall deficits of 4 to over 5 inches on the year. Here are the numbers:

Reagan National: -4.15” since Jan 1
Dulles: -5.34” since Jan 1
BWI: -5.27” since Jan 1

In eastern Maryland, where dry conditions have persisted longer, last week’s rains were not enough to peel back the drought

Looking ahead, the forecast is mostly dry until perhaps the second half of next week. Unfortunately, drought and the threat of drought may be a recurring theme as the summer season draws near.