Irish singer Bono performs with his band U2 during their show in La Plata, south of Buenos Aires April 2, 2011, as part of their 360 World Tour. (MARCOS BRINDICCI/REUTERS)

Irrespective of the storm risk, the air will be thick and bordering on the uncomfortable. Suggestion: hydrate (with water, not alcohol). Temperatures should fall from the very humid low 80s at 7 p.m. (when the concert begins) to the upper 70s by around 11 p.m.

Concert-goers should hope this lyric from U2’s 2002 release “Electrical Storm” doesn’t prove fateful:

Sure hope the weather will break soon/The air is heavy, heavy as a truck/Need the rain to wash away our bad luck

Hey-yeah, hey-eeyay

Well, If the sky can crack, there must be some way back/To love and only love

Electrical Storm

Electrical Storm

Electrical Storm

Electrical Storm YouTube Video