Jason Samenow (left) and the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore (right)

The memo must have gotten out: storm tracker Jim Cantore was visiting the Post, and so a weather calamity could not be far behind (this video helps explain).

But alas, the alarm was a false one. And on one of 2011’s more tranquil days, Cantore’s return to Washington had nothing to do with the weather, but rather commemorating his 25 year career at the Weather Channel. In town to address the National Press Club, Cantore was generous enough to stop by the Post prior to his talk and sit down with me for an interview.

In the interview, Cantore discusses what inspired him to become a meteorologist, D.C.’s crippling January 26 Commutageddon snowstorm, whether hurricane Irene was overhyped, the terrible tornado season, and his experiences covering extreme weather in the field.

Watch the full interview after the jump...

Capital Weather Gang interview with Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore on December 14, 2011.

This was the first time I’ve met Cantore and I have to say he is as sincere, likable, and enthusiastic about weather in person as he is on-air. A true professional.

As someone I’ve looked up to since the age of 10, it was surreal to sit side by side with him in a T.V. studio and a great pleasure!

(Special thanks to several Capital Weather Watchers who submitted interview questions for Cantore)

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2004 feature on Cantore from the Free Republic - a good read